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Libmodsecurity is just one element of the ModSecurity v3 venture

Libmodsecurity is just one element of the ModSecurity v3 venture

The collection codebase serves as a software to ModSecurity Connectors ingesting web traffic and implementing old-fashioned ModSecurity operating. Overall, it offers the capability to load/interpret formula printed in the ModSecurity SecRules style thereby applying these to HTTP content supplied by the application via connections.

To create this paperwork, kindly use the doxygen energy with all the supplied arrangement document, aˆ?doxygen

  • All Apache dependencies happen got rid of
  • Larger abilities
  • Additional features
  • Brand-new design

Libmodsecurity are a total write regarding the ModSecurity platform. With regards to was created the ModSecurity project going as merely dating.com an Apache component. As time passes your panels has-been prolonged, as a result of prominent need, to support other networks including ( not limited by) Nginx and IIS. In order to provide for the developing interest in further system service, it’s became essential to remove the Apache dependencies underlying this venture, that makes it much more platform independent.

Due to this goal we rearchitected Libmodsecurity so that it no longer is dependent on the Apache online machine (both at collection and during runtime). One effect within this is the fact that across all systems customers should expect increasing show. Moreover, we now have taken this chance to set the foundation for some additional features that users have-been longer pursuing. Eg the audience is seeking to natively help auditlogs in JSON format, alongside many additional usability in the future versions.

The ‘ModSecurity’ part no further contains the old-fashioned component logic (for Nginx, Apache, and IIS) that contains traditionally already been manufactured completely. Alternatively, this part only provides the library part (libmodsecurity) for this venture. This library is used by what we’ve got called ‘Connectors’ these fittings will program with your webserver and offer the collection with a common structure it knows. Every one of these connections is actually maintained as a separate GitHub project. Including, the Nginx connector comes by ModSecurity-nginx project (

Maintaining these fittings divided allows each task having different release series, problem and development woods. Furthermore, it means that after you install ModSecurity v3 you only see what you may need, no extras you may not be utilizing.

Before starting the compilation procedure, be sure that you have got all the dependencies in place. Look at the subsection aˆ?Dependenciesaˆ? for further facts.

Following the collection ensure there are no problems on your own build/platform. We highly recommend the use of the machine reports and regression assessments. These test utilities are located according to the subfolder aˆ?tests’.

As a powerful collection, bear in mind that libmodsecurity should be put in to an area (folder) in which you OS would be looking powerful libraries.

This library is written in C++ by using the C++11 criteria. Additionally, it utilizes Flex and Yacc to make the aˆ?Sec Rules Languageaˆ? parser. Additional, compulsory dependencies feature YAJL, as ModSecurity uses JSON for making logs and its own screening framework, libpcre (not even required) for running regular expressions in SecRules, and libXML2 (not even necessary) which is used for parsing XML demands.

All others dependencies become associated with workers given within SecRules or configuration directives that can never be required for collection. A short variety of such dependencies is as follows:

To generate this documents, be sure to use the doxygen electricity aided by the supplied setup document, aˆ?doxygen

  • libinjection is required the agent and
  • curl required for any directive SecRemoteRules.

If those libraries include missing out on ModSecurity are going to be gathered without service for the agent and setup directive SecRemoteRules.

The collection paperwork is created within rule in Doxygen style. cfgaˆ?, operating with the “doc/” subfolder. This can build HTML formatted documentation including practices advice.



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