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Aalam Bibi Food Program

Aalam Bibi Trust is serving in the area where the majority of people are living below the poverty line. They strive hard for fulfilling their basic needs but even then, unable to get the proper meals three times a day. Keeping in view of the poor conditions of the labor class in the vicinity, Aalam Bibi is striving to provide quality, hygienic and healthier food to the laborers, hawkers, and other less privileged members of the community at the subsidized cost of Rs. 10 only. A food shop is operational in the locality which served 300 meals every day. A large number of students attend school without breakfast because they belong to that underprivileged segment of society who is hardly able to take one meal a day. This food program provides free lunch to 150 students and takes care of their nutritious needs

Nutritious food including meat, vegetable, grains, beans, rice

Excellent quality and good in taste

Subsided cost of 10 rupees to community

Free for students (150)

Free food for all during Ramzan and Covid-19

Under Aalam Bibi Food Programme, A grand lunch comprised of meat dishes is prepared for all the students in the school. Moreover, Rashan (monthly groceries) are distributed to the most vulnerable families of the community.