Our Management Team

Dr Farah Deeba Akram (Pro-Bono Contributor)
PhD Gender and Literature
Chairperson Aalam Bibi Trust
Aalam Bibi Trust is the brainchild of Farah Deeba Akram. She is a veteran of human and women rights and a dedicated volunteer with visionary activism. She went door to door in 2005 and convenience the guardians of street children to allow them to study and started Aalam Bibi School under the shadow of a tree for them. She spells the Aalam bibi vision in each and every student, team, volunteer, and community member. She is the social glue of Aalam Bibi which makes everyone connected and gets inspired to utilize the best out of the fewer resources for the development of the community.

Aftab Rabbani
Director of Operations
Aftab is the first-ever volunteer who got inspired by Farah’s vision and joined the Aalam Bibi cause in April 2006 regularly. Aftab not only manages projects of Food, Health, and Qarz-e-Hasna but also takes care of the community like an elder brother. He ensures that every operation of Aalam Bibi is well-functional and properly taken care of.

Sobia Aamir (Pro-Bono Contributor)
MA Urdu & MA History
Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development
Sobia Amir is the right hand of Farah to bring her vision of Aalam Bibi; an innovative educational model that focuses equally on Taleem and Tarbiyat, into reality. She has been offering her services as Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development and touching and reshaping the lives of Aalam Bibi students and faculty since 2017. She is a prolific educationist with hands-on 19 years of experience in teaching and administration at the renowned private school systems.

Khalida Hameed (Pro-Bono Contributor)
In charge/Head Pre-School
Since 2010, Khalida Hameed has been serving Aalam Bibi in different capacities and bringing valuable social and financial support along with giving her professional services. She has 25 years of teaching and administrative experience at various schools in Punjab. Currently, she is supervising the Pre-School of Aalam Bibi and making sure the positive experience of students in their formative years of education.

Zakiya Afzal
MA English Literature & MATEFL
Principal Aalam Bibi Secondary School
Zakiya is a dedicated and passionate educationist, hands-on 17 years of experience in teaching and management of the educational industry. She joined Aalam Bibi School as Principal in 2020. She is a firm believer of Aalam Bibi’s vision and ensuring the implementation of vision and teaching philosophy of Aalam Bibi in classrooms and day to day management of the school.

Rabia Ali
MA (Sociology) cont.
Director of Academic Coordinator
Rabia Ali is one of the true examples of Farah’s vision of uplifting society by educating and empowering individuals. Rabia is a first-generation student, who got the higher secondary education. She joined Aalam Bibi school in November 2006 right after her matriculation to support her family. She continued her education along with her service at Aalam Bibi. Now she is a professional educationist with a clear vision and ample skill set in teaching and administration. She is serving as an academic coordinator at Aalam Bibi School and is one of the most efficient, trustworthy, and reliable team members of the Trust.

Sohail Anwar
Accounts Executive
Sohail Anwar joined Aalam Bibi as Accountants Executive in 2015 with 23 years of experience at executive posts of cost, finance, and management accounts. His honesty, dedication, and professional skills ensure transparency in accounts and finances.

Tariq Shahzad
Admin Officer
Tariq, a young boy, joined Aalam Bibi in 2014 on the post of field officer. He continued his higher education along with his services at Aalam Bibi. His passion, hard work, and urge to learn more has made him an integral part of Aalam Bibi. Currently, he is working as an Admin Officer.