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Parental Awareness Program

Aalambibi's goal to educate a child from the blossom of their cognizance is attained by taking care of a child when they still toddle by their cradle. Since its beginning, Aalambibi has been facing difficulties to convince parents living in an under-developed community, that basic education is a fundamental right of every child and every child deserves to go to school. Overworked by the lowest paid jobs, when they agree to send their child to the school, the kids usually show the signs of insufficient care and attention paid by their parents. Apart from the periodical PTMs (parent teacher meetings), Aalam Bibi also arranges awareness sessions for the parents and especially for mothers. In these sessions, the parents interact with the experts on the child’s physical and mental wellbeing. Not only the parents of Aalam Bibi kids benefit from the sessions, but a common parents in the community can also participate and be a part of learning about a child's healthcare and grooming. In 2020, a new sub-campus of Aalam Bibi School opened its door to the students in a marginalized community of rice factory workers and the slum-dwellers in Muridkay. Initially, most of the parents were reluctant to send their children to the schools. Besides these difficulties, the success of the first batch of admissions at Muridkay campus was evidently a feat of the dialogue under these sessions.