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Take Part In

Become A Volunteer

Education and Training (Taleem-O-Tarbiyat)

Conduct Workshop| Seminar| Lecture

Aalam Bibi conducts workshops, seminars, and lectures for students for educational, social, and ethical development on regular basis. If you think you have a traditional or non-traditional idea, skill, or story to share with students, we are looking forward to having you on campus.

Share your Skills

If you have any skill related to fine arts, dramatics, debates, sports, yoga, handicrafts, or any other life skills, we would be pleased to have you on our team.

Storytelling Sessions

If you want to share the joy of reading, have a storytelling session with any age group of your choice at Aalam Bibi School.

Volunteer at Summer Camp

Aalam Bibi arranges summer camp every year for the students of grade 4 to 10. If you are interested in sharing the skills and knowledge in non traditional ways, Join us.

Faculty Development

Conduct a session or workshop with our teacher on the educational or psychological needs of students and

Career and lifestyle Counselling and Mentoring

Join our Higher and vocational training program and be a mentor of aalam bibi students for higher learning.

Outreach Department

Aalam Bibi Support Chapter

If you believe in Aalam Bibi’s vision of breaking the chain of poverty and reducing educational inequalities, let’s start an Aalam Bibi support chapter in your community.

Campus Ambassador

Become the ambassador and advocate Aalam Bibi's vision at your campus or school.

Arrange of Talk for Aalam Bibi

If you would like to support us to share the vision of Aalam Bibi, invite us to share our eductional model.

Marketing and Fundraising

Join our fundraising and marketing team or arrange an independent fundraising campaign for Aalam Bibi.

Creative Department

Make a documentary about Aalam Bibi

Make a documentary on Aalam Bibi and support us to share the Aalam Bibi story and educational model

Blogging & Write about Aalam Bibi

If you believe in Aalam Bibi’s vision, write a blog!

Join the Creative Department of Aalam Bibi

If you are creative writer or have visual deisging skills, become a part of Aalam Bibi Creative Department.

Some More Volunteer Support

Arrange a Medical Camp

If you are a medical professional and want to share your professional skills, arrange a medical camp or consultancy session with Aalam Bibi students and community.


If you want to do internship at Aalam Bibi as part of your degree program, feel free to contact us