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HealthCare Facility

The community in which Aalam Bibi is serving does not possess sufficient money to bear the expenses of quality healthcare. Aalam Bibi healthcare center proved to be a blessing to get rid of quacks and unqualified medical staff where they were just wasting their money, time, and health before. The majority of patients and attendants are daily wagers, Aalam Bibi makes sure to save their time so that they do not need to take their whole day off for minor health problems which can lead to serious disease and worst pains if ignored.

Aalam Bibi Trust envisages providing a healthy standard of living to the marginalized group of society. Aalam Bibi started Munawar Shehzadi HealthCare Services in September 2012 intending to provide standard health facilities to students, their families, and the whole community of the area (Chungi Amar Sindhu & Kot Lakhpat) to resolve their most pressing health issues speedily and economically.

Specialized doctor visits 6 days a week and more than 100 patients (daily) are getting benefits from this service by paying a token fee of Rs 50 only. The following facilities are provided to patients


Quality medicines

Sugar tests and blood-related tests

Free Medical camps

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Additionally, Doctor does the check-up of the students of Aalam Bibi School on regular basis to improve the health of students which has a direct positive relation with the attendance and performance of students.

Along with providing medical facilities, Aalam Bibi has been promoting a healthy lifestyle in the society that health can be acquired without spending much by avoiding minor diseases, for example, washing hands properly can reduce the chances of diarrhea. Patients are also responding positively and recognize the efforts of the organization. They take care of the resources of the medical center by returning unused medicine, by regular follow visits for their checkup, and spread awareness of a healthy lifestyle to other fellows